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Talos Class Dreadnought

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Talos Class Dreadnought

Post  Goadan2 on Thu Nov 18, 2010 9:03 am

Talos class
Chassis: Dreadnought
Cells: 100
Engine: 1x Mini-warp Terra (6 cells), 1x GMT-3 (10 cells)
Weapons: 2x Nutter (11 cells each), 1x Medium Ion (20 cells), 1x Scorp III (9 cells), 1x Scorp II (7 cells)
Defences: 1x 145mw shield (26 cells)

Stats: 2000 hull, 40 manoeuvre, 902 imp, 5225 warp, +485 projectile +70 aim, +40 Ion, +55 aim, +2900 shields

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Re: Talos Class Dreadnought

Post  Destroyer639 on Thu Nov 18, 2010 2:26 pm

Very nice design Goadan, this is bascially what my dreads are like. Thiers only one edit that i would do with this. The medium ion cannon. If your going to use the cells for a medium ion cannon, you might as well make the upgrade to Large ion cannon. Large ion cannons are the same cells, but give 5 more ion attack and 5 more aimming. (If you dont have large ion cannons then thats ok, i understand now ;P) Keep up the great work on these chassis designs Goadan! Thier nice.

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