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Destroyer Battle Chassis's (Lower Tech)

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Destroyer Battle Chassis's (Lower Tech)

Post  Destroyer639 on Wed Nov 03, 2010 4:03 am

These little suckers wnt through alot when i had them, they where the best little fighters any leader would dream for. They where the vanguard of my fleet for so long i cant even remember how long it was. Thier crews have now recently been retired, but i thought i would share the knowledge of thier ship designs with you guys so that you could enjoy them to. They will not be able to take on packs or larger ships alone, but with a good amount of exp they can lay waste to a scanner in minutes. Enjoy!

**As the name suggests, these do not have the best tech in them. These are mainly for players that are just getting thier foot in the door when it comes to miltary ships. If you have better tech, either equip it in the ships accordingly, or just dont waste the tech on these ships.**
V3 (Projectile) -Destroyer Chassis-

GMT2: 1 (4 cells)
WEE1: 1 (6 cells)

Scorp: 1 (3 cells)
Scorp 2: 1 (4 cells)
Scorp 3: 1 (5 cells)

50MW sheild: 1 (8 cells)

Total Cells Remaining: 0
Red Smoke (Laser) -Destroyer Chassis-

GMT2: 1 (4 cells)
WEE1: 1 (6 cells)

Larger Laser: 2 (10 cells)
Blaster EXT: 1 (3 cells)

Standard Armor: 1 (1 cell)
50MW sheild: 1 (8 cells)

Total Cells Remaining: 0

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