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Quick Cheap Miners

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Quick Cheap Miners

Post  Destroyer639 on Thu Nov 04, 2010 3:26 am

A quick easy to make miner that is cheap and quick to make, but will be nice if your in a tight area and you need some resources.

Miner/Salvager -Cutter Chassis-
Standard Engine: 1 (1 cell)
DX-1: 1 (3 cells)

Miner/Salvage Laser Lvl 1: 2 (6 cells)
Cargo S: 1 (4 cells)
Cloaking Shield Level 1: 1 (1 cell)
Total remaining cells: 0

The reason the cloak is on here is because without it if you are being attacked you will need to cloak your miners to save your goods. I put cloaks on all my miners and trade ships for this reason, frankly 1 or 2 cells being taken off of a ship for some pretty nice protection isnt that bad of a cost, but its your choice to make.

Do NOT make these ships your main mining fleet. They are to fragile and easy to destroy.

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