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Quick Cheap Transports for Mining Fleets

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Quick Cheap Transports for Mining Fleets

Post  Destroyer639 on Thu Nov 04, 2010 3:30 am

This design goes along with the Quick cheap miner thread i have created (Its in the cutter chassis area if you are interested). These are quick to make, are pretty dang cheap, and can actually carry a good bit, for a small chassis atleast.

Cargo -Corvette Chassis-
Standard Engine: 1 (1 cell)
DX-1: 1 (3 cells)

Cargo L: 1 (15 cells)
Cloaking Shield Level 1: 1 (1 cell)

Again, the cloaks are their for the same reason as the miners. If you dont wish to put cloaks in them, that is completely your choice.

Do NOT use these as your main mining fleet. They are to fragile and easily destroyed.

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